3M 314 Scotchlock Connectors

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Out Scotchlock 314 IDC Connectors come in packs of 50 and are used to electrically connect two or three wire ends and insulate the connection. They are the perfect solution for 3 wire splicing.

• Scotchlok’s unique ‘U’ contact provides a dependable electrical connection.
• Scotchlok’s insulation displacement connectors (IDCs) are easy to use and save time. To install one, just squeeze – no stripping or twisting.
• Provides a moisture-resistant seal and is flame retardant.
• Rated up to 600 volts.
• Used for tap and parallel splicing.
• Maintains UL Standard 486C (UL Standard for Safety Splicing Wire Connector.)
• CSA (Canadian Standards Association) Certified for 600 volts maximum.