LED Neon Flex Slim 5m/roll

The LED Neon Flex Slim is a flexible solution for neon-effect led lighting. Featuring a slim and flexible PCB system, the LED is bendable up to 150° without the heating process required with traditional neon tubing. This makes our LED the ideal neon replacement system.

Available in a 12V system across a range of colour options, our 5x11mm LED system is adaptable for a wide range of signage and lighting applications.

Colours: White, Yellow, Blue, Red, Orange, Green, Pink

• Flexible bending allows users to be adaptable when creating faux neon led signage.
• More efficient than traditional neon tubing while delivering the same lighting effect.

Our LED Neon Flex Slim creates a faux neon lighting effect in a wide range of colour options. It is the slimmest faux neon led product on the market giving it unrivalled flexibility. This makes the faux neon led perfect for for a wide range of signage and lighting applications and even difficult installations are quick and easy.