LED Neon Flex – The Best Solution for LED Neon-Effect Lighting

With decades of experience in the signage industry, SignLed strives to continuously source and create new and modern signage solutions. The LED Neon Flex and the LED Neon Flex Slim are 2 products that are taking the industry by storm. With the sharp decline in traditional Neon lighting, LED is the next best solution for neon-effect lighting. But for years the quality, colours and flexibility have not been able to match the much sought-after neon effect.

neon effect led signled

This has given sign makers a unique challenge. SignLed’s LED Flex offers and elegant solution. It is highly flexible and can be shaped without any heating process. The high brightness LED creates bright, full-bodied colours that deliver the full neon effect with the benefits of LED.

Our system delivers the classic neon appearance with the benefits of LED. It is more energy efficient than traditional neon, delivering significant savings to the end-user as well as avoiding the safety and environmental concerns with neon tubing. It is safer to work with as there is no heating process. Most importantly though the flexibility makes installation easy and the cutting resolution is only 24mm. This gives sign makers a lot more flexibility when they are designing and installing the LED Neon Flex.

LED Neon effect lighting

SignLed’s LED Neon Flex and LED Neon Flex Slim are available in a range of colour in 5m rolls, in stock in Ireland. All SignLed customers can call or email us with any questions or assistance they need, and our lighting engineers can advise on how to get the best results. You can order online here: Standard / Slim