E4S Touch Panel Controller

The E4S Touch Panel Controller is a versatile product designed for convenient and efficient control of lighting systems. Its key features include touch keys with chord and LED indicators, allowing for intuitive operation. It offers a unique 2-in-1 function, combining RF wireless control with PWM power output, providing flexibility in usage.

The device facilitates easy connection of lamps directly to its power output, ensuring convenience in installation. Moreover, it can be controlled either directly by remote or via smartphone when integrated with a gateway, enhancing accessibility.

Utilizing capacitive touch control technology on its full-color panel, the E4S Touch Panel Controller offers a user-friendly interface for LED color selection, further enhancing its usability.

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  • Touch keys with chord and LED indicator.
  • 2 in 1 function: RF wireless control and PWM power output.
  • Power output, lamps can be connected directly, easy and convenient.
  • The touch panel can be controlled by remote directly or smartphone if added a gateway.
  • Adopts capacitive touch control technology on the full-color panel, making LED color selection more user-friendly.