DMX512, RDM Decoder

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It is easy to set address via digital display and buttons. WP-804 is a waterproof decoder with IP67 rating, suitable for outdoor and damp environments.

WP-804 uses the RDM protocol and supports DMX512/RDM signal bi-directional communication. The RDM protocol enables the remote management such as reading/ writing DMX address (the DMX master must be RDM compliant). WP-804 has 4 channel output with max. 5A output for each channel. It can be used to control DIM, CT, RGB, RGBW constant voltage lights and achieve 0-100% dimming or various lighting effects. WP-804 can be
operated in DMX mode or in customized mode.

• Expertly engineered for consistent, long-lasting performance.
• 0-100% dimming