Wago Gelbox – Moisture Protection

The Wago Gelbox moisture protection unit has been designed to protect your spliced connections with an IPX8 certified moisture protection rating, protecting vital points of short circuit failure. The compact design is pre-filled with silicone free gel which allows it to completely envelope whichever connector is placed inside it. Differing from other IPX8 certified protection, the Gelbox provides a non-permanent solution to moisture protection with its easy to use latch system and gel layers that can be reused several times (when carefully removed). The Gelbox is ready out of the box to work with the Wago 221 Connectors in a variety of scenarios from Bathrooms, washing facilities, farms and garden centers to swimming pools and parking structures and many more. For more details on the Wago Gelbox check out Wago’s website in the link HERE.

  • VDE Tested
  • IPX8 Certified – moisture protection