KN95 Protective Respirator Masks Box of 20 / Carton of 900

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In stock in Ireland, our KN95 disposable respirator masks can protect you and your staff or customers from Covid-19 infection. Combined with the following of HSE guidelines, these respirator masks are an effective and efficient way to stop the spread of the Coronavirus.

Available now in stock in Ireland at our greatly reduced trade price suitable for resell or bulk buying – especially useful for businesses to protect their staff.

Our KN95 Protective Respirator Masks are available in:

  • Boxes of 20 – Only €2.75 per mask
  • Cartons of 900 – Only €2.25 per mask
Covid masks

Material: Electrostatic meltblown cloth, pp spunbond non-woven cloth, electrostatic filter cotton.

Function: Adopting KN95 grade anti-particulate matter filtering technolohy and antibacterial environmental protection fabric, effectively filtering and protecting from PM2.5 ari particulate matter and bacteria.

Scope of Application: Suitable for protection against harmful particles such as dust, PM2.5 haze particles, influenza bacteria, droplets and so on.

Note: This respirator is maintenance-free. Do not wash it. Do not use a microwave oven to heat it. When the filter cotton is seriously dirty, damaged, or you feel the breathing resistance increases significantly, please replace the respirator in time. To ensure that the respirator is clean and hygienic, avoid touching the inside of the respirator with your hands and wash your hands before wearing the respirator each time.

Recommended Storage Conditions: Unopened products are stored in a temperature range of -20oC to 30oC and a relative humidity of less than 80%.